The Growing Trend: Combining 3D Tours with Floor Plans for Enhanced Real Estate Listings

Date Online: 2023-11-14

Introduction: A noteworthy shift has occurred in the real estate visualization industry, especially in the preferences of agents and clients. In October, the rate of orders for combined 3D tours and floor plans reached a significant 25.7%, marking a considerable increase from the 21.3% average observed over the last twelve months.

Surge in Demand for 2D Floor Plans: This upward trend is largely attributed to the growing demand for 2D floor plans. At Urbanimmersive, we've noted that when clients request 2D floor plans, they often pair them with 3D tours - a practice occurring 77% of the time. This combination provides a comprehensive view of the property, offering both a detailed layout and an immersive walkthrough experience.

The Importance of Offering Comprehensive Services: For a full-service photography agency aiming to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of the market, providing both floor plans and 3D tours is becoming increasingly essential. This dual offering caters to a wide range of client preferences and enhances the overall appeal of real estate listings.

Urbanimmersive's Unique Solution: Urbanimmersive stays ahead of the curve by offering a streamlined solution where agents and photographers can acquire both a 3D tour and a floor plan in a single, efficient 5-minute scan. This approach ensures our clients receive the best value, combining quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Conclusion: As the real estate market continues to evolve, Urbanimmersive remains committed to providing innovative solutions that meet and exceed industry trends and client expectations. By offering a combination of 3D tours and floor plans, we equip our clients with the tools they need for successful, modern real estate listings.



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